Recovering Deleted Voicemails on Samsung SPH-D700 Android Smartphone

Recovering Deleted Voicemails. Have you ever deleted a voicemail, that you wish you hadn’t, because you need a phone number from the voicemail. I search the Internet to find out how I could get my deleted voicemails back. I was amazed at so many comments saying it could not be done, when I knew I had recover a deleted voicemail once before. If you have an Android Smart phone like I have do the following two steps. Now I believe your deleted voicemail will only be around for about week.
1. Click on your Voicemail icon on your smartphone.
2. Touch the Voicemail Inbox box (at the top) and several other selection boxes will appear. 3. Touch the Deleted box and all your deleted voicemails for about a week will be displayed. You will see phone numbers and you can listen to the voicemail again.

If you have a different phone, please let me know how you recover your deleted voicemails.
Thanks, #TechSavvyOldGuy


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